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Summer Ministry Part 3: Retreat Ideas

June 24th, 2009 by ajacobs
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goingsomewhere.jpgThere’s something about getting away (even for a day) that serves as a catalyst for developing relationships, making memories, or deepening your relationship with the Lord. Planning a retreat for your girls doesn’t have to be stressful and elaborate. Keeping plans simple will help keep costs low for your girls and provide a fun getaway for everyone! Here are a few ideas for planning a retreat with your girls:

Pick a topic. Hosting a retreat based around a single topic can make planning easy. Focus on purity and invite a local pregnancy care center representative to come talk to your girls. Plan an event around friendships and ask a mature woman from your church to talk about conflict resolution. Do a relationship retreat and bring in a male pastor or another trustworthy, mature men from your church to talk with the girls about what guys are really thinking and how to handle friendships with guys.

Pick a location. Even getting a few miles out of town can seem like a vacation. It can help the girls leave some of their problems at home and free them up to focus on what’s happening at your retreat. If you’ve got a smaller group or a leader with a large house, hosting an event in a home can create an intimate and safe environment. Renting a lake house or cabin can be a great, affordable option with lots of amenities for taking a break and having fun. Reserving a suite or block of rooms in a hotel can be another great option. Staying at a hotel can be a really special event for many of your girls.

Pick an event. If you don’t want to plan a topic for discussion or invite a guest speaker, choose an event to focus on. Take your girls to a bigger city to go shopping, go to a concert or music festival, or spend a day at an amusement park. Choose an event that your girls will enjoy, that you’re comfortable planning, and that fits the personality of your group.As you head out of town, you’ll be amazed at how quickly girls will leave their problems at home and start developing friendships with one another. Enjoy your time away and keep things simple!

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